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I'm I lucky or what?

hi, don't know if any of you read a post about me messing up my xfx6600Gt by using AS5. then i decided to get the leadtek 6800LE but i experienced some problems with that card and decided to send it back. well since i was going to send that card back i decided to try and get the xfx replaced and just get my money back for the 6800le, it turns out they authorized the replacement for the XFX but they were out of them and they no longer had that card in inventory. I was able to get the eVGA 6800 for my old XFX and get my money back for the 6800LE.

The card will arrive today and i have one question. After reading threads in here i found out that by changing the card's id to GT with riva tuner i can get more juice out of the card. should i do this after unlocking/overclocking, before or not at all?
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