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I bought my geforce3 for £270 last April.
So its allready given me ten months of good service.

Im still playing most games in 1600x1200 and ive not had to overclock the card yet.

Im expecting to get at least another year of use maybee longer before I cant play new games at a reasonable level of detail and resolution.

In six months Nvidia will almost certainly release a Geforce4ULTRA or geforce5 and people will be in the same situation again.

At the moment technology is so far in advance of the avalable games that there are still no games that can stress me geforce3 a year after a bought it. I think that geforce4 owners will have to wait a similar ammount of time before they get the best from there new cards, obviously there will be something better out by then.

Ive seen geforce3's like mine on sale for around £160 so I havent realy lost too much through buying early. I had to buy something it was either a £150 geforce2 or the more expensive geforce3.

I dont feel ive been ripped off.

I would probably be a bit annoyed if id paid £350 for a ti500 a couple of months aggo.
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Best of luck in the future all my friends.
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