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1st case mod attempt - Nature's Tranquility


A user on another forum has pointed me to this site to ask for case modding & other things. But I have been a bit hessitant to post here, asking for usefull tips and idea's for my first case mod. But well, i need tips mostly on how its done .

The idea started growing a couple of days back, when i ordered a shiny new PSU & CPU fan. I saw a couple of great looking cases, and thought "hey, why doesnt my case look like that". Cos right now its boring, this boring.
Now i know, i can never make a really nice looking case when i start with that junk, but for a first attempt, its better to start on an old crappy thing than on a brand new one...

So first i made some idea's in photoshop, mostly using its preshaped shapes though. I quite liked this one (the pictures are real sizes, the odd thingy on the left is that 'handle' you can see in the photo of the case). But it has a problem, it was waay too much to the right, you'll only see the hdd's & optic drives...
Moving it to the left was no option due to that handle . So i needed to add a bit. Which resulted in this design.

This one i really liked, and the handle was removed too. So I printed it, see how it would look, which you can see here.
Since that looked cool imo, i printed it again, only this time fully (on 4 A4 paper...) taped them together, and start cutting the black bits out. And I put it against the case side.

Now comes the bit where i need help... What tool to use? People recommend a dremel, but i dont have any (i guess i could buy a cheap imitation though). And after i cut it out, what kind of plastic/glass to put behind it? And where can you buy this? And other tips you guys want to give me perhaps?

27 dec - renamed title to contain project's name

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