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Well I tried a few things and more info ...


I tried removing one stick of memory bringing my memory down to 256MB. After a number of blue screens I managed to get the system to boot. The conflicts did not go way.

I also tried to change the AGP to 2x. The 0 write states was already Disabled and I could not find the "sideband addressing" in my BIOS. Conflicts still did not go away.

To add to my original post:

- my PSU is an Antec PP303XP 300watt with the Smart fan. It came with the Antec case I have (SX830 I believe).
- On my Athlon XP1600+ I have a Thermaltake Volcano 6CU fan/heatsink.

I don't know if this has any relevance to my situation but the hard drive from my previous PC (INTEL P3-800, ASUS CUSL2, 384MB RAM, ASUS 3800 TNT2 Video card, SB Live Value) was moved into to this one.

I believe(but not certain) that I am configured for ACPI. How would I determine this ? I know that I can change the IRQs manually if I wish. I have already done so for the key ones, as mentioned by Mushkin on the forum in his BIOS configuration post.

Anyway the saga continues ... I might have to give into WIN/XP and abandon WIN/98 & WIN/ME.

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