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its only because the ATI 8500 has features that invidia will not impliment until the GF-4, that invidia is so hung up with using the "4" on everything now.. I'm sure they think ATI soiled the market with features they didnt have, and the only way to beat them back down is to release a GF-4 that has those features, and then call everything you make by that name to try and fool the noobs into thinkin they all have the features the ATI does,,,,
err, isn't this exactly what ATI did by renaming the radeon DDR64 to the "7500"
I mean, new name, no new features right? I know I was misled!

it would prolly floor their marketing departments to find out that pimple faced 15 year olds with dayglo skin DO know the difference. Unfortunatly, most of their parents, and your parents/grandparents haven't got a clue! and will be burned into buying a product that isnt at all what they think it is, for a little less money, when most wouldv'e gladly paid the extra for what they thought they were getting
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