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Spoken like a hardcore geek! Ya tell it like it is, Random Nonsense. All the same, I've listened to The Screamer(s) TM, Marca Registrada for at least two years. My ears tire of their obnoxious whine.

I bought a 68cfm 80mm Delta(these aren't your Grand Mother's 80mm fan. They are fat and heavy boogers) with an eye toward using it plus a 60-80mm adapter to replace a Screamer.

I know that the truly hardcore would simply sinter the plastic of the fan to an aluminum adapter/funnel, and repeat for the copper to aluminum bond. And that's that. I flunked out of advanced welding--the shame!

I'm using an original Glaciator on a PPGA Celeron. So far, no complaints from the S370. This leads me to believe that the moment(leverage exerted by the 80mm Delta, plus HS) on the Socket A's HSF mounting lugs won't be too much of a gamble. Gulp!

Or maybe I'll just save up for an Alpha PAL-8045. No worries with it!
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