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I've had the GF4 MX420 for 2 days now and I've had no problems what so's a huge improvement over my previous ATI Radeon 32MB DDR....I doubled my 3DMark2001 score and am now doing full graphics quality on all my games thatI play with no loss in performance....great card for only $120 US dollars....sorry to hear how you guys feel about it....they wouldn't have priced it soooo low if it was even remotely as good as the GF4Ti, they decrease performance and give it the MX series name and decrease the cost of it to appeal to those, like me, who can't afford the top of the line GF4 card....$400 US dollars, come on, now....I could build a whole new computer for that....I don't think so, anyways, good luck all, ttyl :-D
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