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I'm not sure where the problem is here. The Geforce 4MX is aimed at a specific part of the market. It's not aimed at high end gamers. It would appear to be aimed at mid-end machines. It offers much better performance than the 2MX, whilst allowing system integrators to use the Geforce 4 name.

People who know exactly what they want already know they don't want this card.

People who want a mid-range card supplied with the new PC they're buying will probably think that this is a great card for their needs. It probably is a great card for their needs! It offers fine performance for today's games, which is what most people want. They're not looking for the absolute top-dollar performance, nor can they afford it.

Ignoring the Radeon, it seems to offer pretty much what the occasional game player wants. Hey, my girlfriend's still using a Voodoo 1 based 3D card because it offers her all she wants for the games she plays. There's no point upgrading at this point as it won't offer her anything new.

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