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I don't usually listen to advertisements and most of the time I don't even pay any attention to reviews....usually, I go by word of mouth or forums like this....also, personal experience plays a huge factor in it as ATI, I have had a Radeon 32MB DDR for about 7 months now and I have had nothing but problems with it's driver support when I put Win XP on my comp....when I bought the GF4 a few days ago....everything worked great, the drivers supplied on the disk are from 1/15/02, farely new, very surprised, the drivers I got on the CD that came with my Radeon were dated about 2 1/2 months before the date I bought it....very disappointing...I think that ATI has a great product to work with, but they will never succeed unless they get some good programmers to keep those drivers as close to flawless and up-to-date as for the faulty advertising system that we have now-a-days....people have grown to not care about the truth, they just care about making the "All-American Dollar"....this is reflected in commercials and various advertisements that you see everywhere and I think this human characteristic of greed has rubbed off on many of the review sites we all go to....I believe that the majority of popular review sites are paid off by companies to give good reviews....I mean think about it, if u r a representative for ATI and u have to make a decision of which review companies to give ur product to....r u goin to choice a company that will be ruthless in their tests and expose every last flaw of your product, or are you goin to go with a company that is on ur side/payroll and basically just point out the good characteristics of ur product....I think this pretty much answers itself...but any ways, there's my 2 cents, lol....and about he GF4MX420, I don't know all the details about it, but what I do know is that it is a great performer....straight out of the box, no tweaks or overclocking, yet, I got a 3DMark2001 score of 7823....pretty good, huh?? So, don't doubt what this "low-end" board can do before you've had a chance to play with it....just because something is priced low, doesn't mean the quality of it is lowered as well....why do you think AMD CPUs are so popular?? They are the best CPUs, in my opinion, out there, yet their average cost is atleast half that of an intel CPU....maybe NVidia has realised that ATI is doin so well because it's pices are quit a bit lower than theirs, so NVidia decides to make a top-of-the-line graphics board that is really inexpensive....anyways, ttyl :-D
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