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their biggest one drinks 2.3 L a minute, 150Lbs thrust non reheated, add 50% more for reheat.

The guy behind it all, Phill, is an absolute genius, this guy scares me! does work for Rolls Royce aero engines etc. he offered ther RR boss a job as his tea boy at microjet

current official record is held by a BVM Bandit heavily modified and using an AMT olympus, developing 42 lbs thrust.... the Phoenix Mk4 with some modifications can produce 35lbs dry thrust, add 50% for reheat and it is smaller and lighter, and the plan is after trying out reheat on my friend andy's model, we buy a model BAC lightning and fit a pair of these engines!

current record is 252MPH but ive heard of piston engined ones reaching 280, and pulse jets over 300, pulse jets are not classed as models though, flying fire hazards is more accurate.
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