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fixing up an old case...

I just finished modding an old Gateway case. Made a "gear" window by cutting it out with a jigsaw and filing down the edges. Painted a cool glossy rust color with hammered finish and painted the old face black.
It turned out pretty good for my first mod. The plexi-glass fits perfectly between the door and the case so I don't have to glue it in, and can remove it at any time. Then I installed all my second-hand parts- cd rom, hard-drive, floppy, powersupply, and cables. Got the new motherboard.....
and trouble....
I didn't check the sizes of the motherboard and the case. the MOBO is too big for the mid-size case. I've learned my lesson, allways measure the case and check the MOBO sizes. If the board just had 3 PCI slots instead of 5, I would have been ok.
But, as luck would have it, I had just received another old Gateway case from work that is a full-size, and BINGO!! it almost fits perfectly.
The only thing is that those cases have pre-cut In/Out panels. So I had to cut a rectangle out of the case to fit the IN/OUT panel that came with the motherboard.
But I don't just want a regular Gateway case, so I am modding this one also.
I'm cutting out a window tonight. I'll add some pics tomarrow to show you guys.
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