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Thanks for the tip Staz. Now if I decide to keep the case I know what size of motherboard to get. I ordered a regular ATX style thinking it would fit in that case. But it didn't. It fit well in the new case though.

On another note:
does anyone know about any complications with painting the inside of chassi? I just painted one with an epoxy appliance paint that is non-scratchable. And is there any issues with coloring the powersupply and/or drives to match the chassi. I know that some of those get pretty hot and I don't want boiling or cracking paint on them.

Last of all, to answer your question captaincurran... the "hammered" spray paint is made by Rust-ol-eum. I think thats how it is spelled. Home Depot mostly had Rust-ol-eum spray paints.
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