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Originally Posted by wild_andy_c
9NPA Ultra may actually be sold to you labelled as 9NPA Ultra using what is 9NPA3 Ultra PCB - try to avoid it and get 9NPA+ Ultra or 9NPAJ to get the best PCB's.
Still considering getting an Epox NF4 board.

I have no need for SLI, nor Firewire ports. I don't use way highend VC's...
What I do want is the most overclocking friendly setup, in terms of voltage available, mem settings, and ability to run high "FSB". I'd like to be able to use the board with TCCD based RAM, but also, perhaps dabble with BH-5 based RAM also.

Not clear on what exact board would be best, the 9NPA+ Ultra, the J model, etc.
I get confused. I see talk about go with this or that, due to the better PCB rev. Etc., etc.

Can somebody point me to the right board.

I have a volt-modded 9NDA+, coupled with a 3500+ Clawhammer and BH-5. That setup absolutely smokes and I'm happy as a clam with it. I'm looking to duplicate a similar happy experience, but with an NF4 Epox.

I'm looking for a board to go with an Opty 165 chip, and will be using TCCD and looking to run at 300(+) as I only have a multiplier max of 9 to work with.

What specific Epox NF4 board is best for the OCer who wants the most performance, w as many options ( settings, voltages, etc.) as possible.

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