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The only advice I could give you, is to be sure you have a power supply that supplies the current these power hungry Epox mobo's like.

The combined power rating on the power supply should be 200 or above. 190 is minimum.

Most persons that get into overclocking a great deal, go with a power supply with a combined power of 235-245.

I myself have the Antec 400 watter with 245 combined power. I am not into OC'ing too much, but it is nice to know that you have all the tools before you start the job. But again that goes for most anything.

You might go over to and enter the forums. Go to Epox Motherboards and read the thread by Muskin Rules.

This guy is simply great in giving a guide in bios settings on this mobo. His suggestions of IRQ settings, and PCI slot placements are excellent.

I will suggest you print off the opening pages of his suggestions and guide. This is an excellent study.
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