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Exclamation -> Mod your 6800GS AGP to Ultra Extreme with coolermod!

Guide to mod your 6800GS AGP to an Ultra Extreme!

Finally! A complete guide about how to mod your 6800GS AGP to a legitimate 6800 Ultra Extreme! Remember that this tutorial is only valid to AGP versions of GS because PCI-E versions uses a diferent core, that don't even have the extras pipes. Well, it's impossible to enable what you don't have...


Enought bull****s, let's go to business, =D. I've used an eVGA 6800GS AGP with Part Number: 256-A8-N387-TX. First, download and install the last version of RivaTuner, actual is v2.0 RC 15.8. DOWNLOAD RIVATUNER. Open the software and follow up:
- 6800GS AGP originally "castrated" with 12/5 pipes. Note driver version: 83.60 BETA
- Select CUSTOM, enable "Allow enabling hardware masked units" and click on CUSTOMIZE.
- On "HW masked" it shows the two bastards bits that are masked. Enable it by simply clicking under arrow shows

After enable the two bastards bits, click OK and you'll be asked to restart the system. Do it. Open RivaTuner again and verify if the extras pipes are enabled.If yes, still isn't time to open the champagne! I believe that you have some "hard" game installed on your machine, right? (if you don't, what the hell are u doing with a 6800?). Run the hard game and play for at least 30 minutes. Gives preference to run with the most quality you can. So, you'll be pushing your card to uses all the potential.

You can scan for artifacts using the ATi Tool version 0.24 Beta 13, that are compatible with GeForces.

If you don't detect any visual artifact, bug or something of type.....prepare the sallon because the party will start!!!


-> If you detect some artifact, bug or something, backup the process!!! Sit down and cry because your card have damaged pipes by factory. BUT...still have hope for you, my unlucky friend. Try to enable only PIXEL PIPE and unable the VERTEX PIPE or "vice versa". Who knows if just one of the pipes are damaged and you still can uses one of really happen with some brands/models

But the tutorial wasn't to mod to an Ultra Extreme you moron? Wait my child...this was only the beginning, relax because now it goes burn!!!

To mod to an Ultra or Ultra Extreme will be necessary mod and update the bios of the card (wich now is a legity GT, remember?). You'll need two softwares: NiBiTor v2.7 to mod your bios and nvFlash v5.25 to update the new modded bios.

Everything right under here? So let's go to next steps. Open up NiBiTor 2.7 and:

Making this, the bios that are running right now on your card will be loaded to NiBiTor, so far, posible to mod the options. Before starting modding anything, made a backup copy of the bios that was loaded: File -> Save BIOS!!! Recommend that you create an east name like: biosback.rom, biosorig.rom, biosold.rom, really can need him...Modify the options in agreement as your necessities and own will. Another time I warn that I won't be responsable for some ######## that you can do!! Make by your own business and risks, ok!?

I've just modified the Core and Memory clocks to 450/1100 MHz (without enable "Change amount of active performance levels"), on Temperatures I've configured the Fanspeed 3D to 100% and on Boot Settings I've modified the text that is showed when you turn the system on (under Adv. Signon). If you want, you can enable the option that shows the amount of memory size, change the resolution, color of the text and boot during time. Are only visual "cosmetics"...

After finish changing options, go to File -> Save BIOS and save with the name and where your want to. If you use Windows XP, make and boot disk by going under My Computer -> clicking with right button on Disk 3 1/2" -> Format -> MAKE A MS-DOS INITIALIZATION DISK. After create disk, extract, on same disk, the files cwsdpmi.exe, nvFlash.exe (inside that you downloaded), "biosback.rom" (original bios that you MADE backup), "biosmod.rom" ("La transformación" bios!). Copy the original bios and the modded bios by NiBiTor (called biosmod.rom) to the same disk!!! Restart system and run boot under (of course, lol).

Run command: "nvflash -4 -5 -6 biosmod.rom" (without quotations marks). It will ask if you want to update bios, you anwser no...SELECT YES BROW!!! . Update will longer a few seconds and will get you back to A:\> (or the letter of your disk unit). Restart your system, see the new boot screen if you've modified it, open RivaTuner and verify if the clocks are sucessful changed: Go to overclock session and unable "Enable driver-level hardware overclock".. Click OK, close RivaTuner, open it again and enable "Enable driver-...", select Detect Now and see wich are the clocks that Riva detected. If shows the clocks that you've configured, test again with some hard game or/and ATi Tool v0.24 Beta 13. If don't detect artifacts...


How much did you pay for it??? Hum..., nice, nice!

Verify idle° and full° temperatures. I think that some guys will need cooler mod. Me it is 56°C idle and 65-69ºC full...tense...cooler mod going run here!

EDIT: Make backup of the original bios under NiBiTor BEFORE starting moding and saving after.
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