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Originally Posted by gizmo
There is a 30 minute time limit on edits. PM me with your changes, and I can get them up for you.
Gizmo, can you plz review my three posts and fix the bad english?? It's a little...dumb... :P

Originally Posted by madcatmk3
how fast is the ultra extreme?
Well...I'll return the question: How fast do you want it to be? lol

Originally Posted by Pitch
Awesome works.

Thanks alot for taking to time to share it with us. Yet another reason to own a 6800GS.
Thx. It's really is a pleasure to share this guide with you AOA guys. You have been helped me a lot in EPoX session, I want to retribute!!

This guide was in Brazilian Portuguese original version. I've take some time to translate it. And, as u can see, still have a lot of errors...bad english, lol.
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