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Originally Posted by dsio
The thing I havn't seen before is this cooler mod. I must honestly say, that is very good thinking. Can you give us some before and after temps (loaded and idle)?

I have a very special 60mm fan I have been saving just for a mod like this. 60mm 8000RPM Delta Electronics 1.2A fan. Now to get fitting.

Very well done dude
Thx dsio!!

I forget to post the temp differences:

- In full stock (12/5 pipes, 350/1000 MHz and original cooler), was 50-52°C idle e 60-63°C full.

- With Ultra Extreme mod (16/6 pipes, 450/1100 MHz and original cooler), was 52-54°C idle and 62-65°C full

- Full modded to Ultra Extreme (pipes, MHz + coolermod), stay in 52-53°C idle and 59-61° full. I think that coolermod hangged well because it was @ultra extreme natively (definitive mod under bios).

- Full modded to Ultra Extreme (pipes, MHz + coolermod) BUT with volt mod to 1.4V on core (original is 1.3V), stay in 53-56° idle and 62-66° full.

I've tested the full temperatures using the "Scan Artifacts" function per one minute of ATiTool 0.25 Beta 13 software. Despite the name, it is compatible with GF's. It is notable that cooler mod hang something...But with volt mod the temps became a little hot again.

I hasn't test the temps using games yet, only using Scan Artifacts at the moment. Can't get time to test with games and 3DMark's.
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