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Originally Posted by videobruce
I compared the size of each program (unpacked each to a separate folder) and to my surprise FF was 3 MB larger. 18MB vs 15MB for Mozilla.

Only the Mac OS X version of Mozilla is 15 MiB; the Windows version is 11 MiB. The largest FireFox version is for Mac OS X and is 9.6 MiB, making the largest FF version still 1.5 MiB smaller than the smallest Mozilla version, according to the download page. And the Windows version of FF is about 1/2 the size of Mozilla, coming in at about 5 MiB for FF vs. 11 MiB for Mozilla.

Now, if you want to compare FF and Thunderbird separately against the Mozilla Suite, FF and Thunderbird will, I expect, be somewhat larger for the same functionality. That is to be expected, I think, because Mozilla is an integrated package, where FF and Thunderbird are separate apps. Although they share the same code base, AIUI, there is going to code duplication in the FF/Thunderbird combination with regards to the User Interface and possibly some internal management stuff, which can be eliminated by having an integrated package like Mozilla.
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