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Originally Posted by dsio
Opera for life.

A download manager that gives you actual information, information regarding how big the page you are loading is (in KB or MB), and a real time progress bar on loading a page, that gives how far you are along, and the current rate you are loading the page at, to a decimal place.

All the tabs you had open when you last closed Opera, open to exactly where you were the next time you open it.

Fast, secure, practical.

The full screen mode <IS> actually full screen, not a cut down thing like FF/IE does.

Completely customisable, and more stable.

Then theres the fact that Opera is on far more platforms than FF will ever be.

I have no idea why it isn't getting a better share than FF.
Mainly due to advertising. Opera also used to cost money to get the version without the adds, IE and FF are free. Also there is the case of advertising, FF is advertised by people, and the web, not many advertise Opera. I didn't really even explore the possibilities, until I heard Opera were giving out Free keys for 1 day, and got one for myself. Now I am almost solely an Opera user, and would reccommend it to anyone above and over FF or IE.
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