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There are two interesting points that this raises, both of which are quite exciting.

Is OpenGL now more prefferable? John Carmack has been running with the OpenGL API in Doom 3 / Quake 4, and every major title up to then. People have wondered why, but its always been loved by the mac/linux comunity, as Carmack's games are always ported to linux/macOS easily and quickly, often with BETTER performance than windows.

Now that developers can easily make games for both platforms (Windows and MacOS) OpenGL might gain favour again.

The other possible outcomes are, possibly Apple will switch to Nvidia. There are no two ways about it at this point, in an Apple computer, Nvidia cards are far better than any ATI solution.

Also, perhaps, and this is a big perhaps. Someone at ATI will finally decide to pull their finger out, and make drivers that arn't complete rubbish for linux/unix/mac. Maybe they will even improve their OpenGL support.

There IS a more interesting benchmark to run to compare the two platforms though.

Doom 3 / Quake 4 is OpenGL native, and should be a fairer comparison. That still leaves the ATI OpenGL handicap, and the ATI rubbish mac drivers problem, but it at least improves things.
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