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Interesting to know. I have several versions of Suse as well as REDHat here, but have failed to take the plunge because i only own ATI hardware.

Thanks for saving me some frustration, although these new drivers are geared towards teh x1k series more than anything else, including the avivo support(hardware-assist video encode).

this bodes bad for half the pc crowd running ati and MacOS, although mac laptops with ATI chipsets seem to ahve no issues with bootcamp. I wonder if there is a driver hidden in bootcamp that may help linux users?

Anyway, the first XBOX360 demo machines were equipped with dual G5's, 2gb of ram, and an x850...w/ two machines joined together. what i saw working on these machines says that ATI support on OSX isn't as bad as you surmise it is on linux.

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