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Welcome aboard, edodge9! Not easy decisions, for sure. I think 256 Mb of RAM is a must. The 128 Mb "standard" left town at least a year ago. Sorry that the present prices for RAM are back into seller, rather than user friendly territory.

When in doubt, I favor expense in the basic core zone of PC's. Such as mainboards, HDD's, CPU's and RAM. Rather than spending just to be able to show off that my Soundcard is British Racing Green.

I don't understand whether your friend already has an XP 1700+, or is in need of a CPU. Even though a 1.3 Ghz Duron gives one respectable performance, I just don't think that a serious gamer could abide less than an Athlon. The poor guy wouldn't be able to sleep soundly until an Athlon inhabited his box.

Buying the RAM and Athlon/Athlon XP puts you into less expensive Vidcard territory.

It's possible that your friend's hardware priorities are very different than mine. Why not talk to your friend and really find out what s/he wants?
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