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If you building a gaming PCthen you have to have a geforce3
A geforce2 is just about passable now..but in 6months time it wont be any good and you will have to spend again to upgrade.
(loosing the money you spent on the geforce2)

If you get 128mb of ram your PC wont run right.
On the up side adding another 128mb is easy..and you can keep the memory you still have.

When I built my PC I had a geforce3 512mb ram (it was cheap then) and a duron 800 oc to 1044.
Changing to a XP-1700 @1700 didnt make games much faster.
The duron did a very good job once running at a good fsb (100mhz fsb held things back allot)

Thats probably what Id recomend.
Get a decent DDR board.
256mb ram
Cheap duron (and OC it to hell)
Then save up for a .13 thoroughbread.. in 6 months time you will still have a great system.

That will give you a kick ass system and keep you in budget.
No longer Epox Tech.

Best of luck in the future all my friends.

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