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I have the logitech G7 (the cartridge battery one), which is absolutely brilliant at lans... Not only is it great for gaming, but when you get together at a lan with a few other G7 owners, you can have cartridge changing contests.

It ejects the used cartridge on the ground, then you stick the new one in, and slap it from the bottom, just like a box loading automatic / semi-automatic pistol, so you can race eachother reloading.

Then theres the fact that its half the weight of my old MX700, and tracks brilliantly.

As far as Logitech goes, buy with confidence. Logitech is a Swiss company, and anyone who's had the pleasure of dealing with them before would know what that stands for.

When my Tag Heuer F1 had a clicking sound in the bezel movement, they had a courier at my front door within the day to take the watch back, and left me with a basic model F1 in the interim. That's what the Swiss are all about.

Suffice to say, when your Hyundai monitor fails, don't expect to see the Korean's leaping into action.
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