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Originally Posted by NarkotikBuzz
I got rid of linux and merged the two partitions on my E: drive. It made what used to be the linux partition into a folder on the E: drive, but when i click on the folder in explorer in tells me "Access denied", whats up with that?
It is a linux file system; windows can't read it!

The next time you install SuSe after the 1st reboot to finish the install, you can then install the nvidia video drivers for 3D. The easiest way to get them config'd is to reboot & at the boot splash type "level 3" which will boot you to runlevel 3 and a command line. Login as root. Type "sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia" (0 is a zero). Sax2 will start & you can configure the video card & monitor. Always test, use ctrl+alt+backspace to recover if it's a garbbled screen, select another set, retest, etc., save, reboot. 3d will be enabled. BTW, nvidia has a new set of linux drivers, there is a link to a SuSe howto on the download page.

On Grub setup. During the install, select "Expert" on the page where you do partitioning & software; this brings up the Grub context where you can select what disk/partition & can edit the menu which will become /boot/grub/menu.lst. I recommend writing it to the mbr. You can always recover windows with repair & "fixmbr" if need be.

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