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Okay, been quite a while since i was last here. so, this mod took a new direction no one could have expected. It's got a new prototypical part in it, It's name? Byte.

that's it, Byte. He is a hamster. He's my hamster as of today, Instead of a plexiglass or acryllic window i'm installing a metal chicken-wire style screen in the window, and put in a fair share of pine wood chips. i've put in a HDD rack for him to climb on, left in an old bad mobo and appropriately broken Vid card for him to climb up on. however i want a pc part-looking bridge, from the hdd landing to the vid card landing and up to the cdrom landing. i'm installing a top blowhole exhaust so he can get more ventalation, and gonna power that with a 9volt battery or something. i haven't decided really. i've put in a toilet paper tube in there, and a couple lil tin bowls for food an water. I want to mod an HDD into a running wheel for Byte using some extra grill material.

So if any of you guys have ideas/suggestions let me hear them. or just say hi to byte and any tips for raising a hamster

Pics will be posted as soon as i can find a new usb cable in my apartment. my usb card reader is dead the port has come loose.
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