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Originally posted by Holst

For this bios try 8khi2116.bin from

It sounds like you have got to the maximum for your chip.
1580mhz is a reasonable air cooled overclock.

To be sure try running the memory with the 3/4 devider (set the ram speed to 100mhz) in Dram timings.

The beta bios ive posted may increase overclocking stability..especially on the fsb.

Try giving the cpu and ram a bit more voltage.
excuse my ignorance Holst, when i set the 3/4 devider using the hal00 bios back in early december, it wasn't too pretty.

now if i set the 3/4 ram devider and use the 2116 bios, do you think it will even yeild the same or get nearly the same memory bench scores as say, my old setting at 175fsb without the 3/4 ram devider?
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