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I found that there is a difference in the overclockabililty of my 8kha+ board when I use different lines to connect my A: drive. I tried the two different lines that are able to power the A: drive and found that the board works best with one over the other. I could run games stable at only 152 with the "bad" line while able to run 154 with the "good" line. I also have that line sharing power with my hard drive, cdrw, and front and rear fans. I know that 2 mhz may not be a big deal but maybe trying different lines may help.

p.s. - I'm really happy with my setup. I bought an Enlight case that comes with a 340w Enhance psu for only $60 and able to overclock using air-cooling. I forgot to list in my sig that I also have an Alpha 8045, which keeps my system at 42*C using regular thermal grease. I want to try the new Arctic Silver to see if my temp will go down considerably. All in all, a great bang for the buck.
Epox 8kha+ bios 2205
AMD 1600+ 1.4@1.62 Locked
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Gainward GeForce 2 Pro 64MB
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