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i agree with Holst

Originally posted by Holst
It sounds like you have got to the maximum for your chip.
1580mhz is a reasonable air cooled overclock.
90% of the oc'ed 1600's i've seen won't go past 150fsb unless the processor is unlocked. do you have or have you unlocked the processor yet?

Originally posted by Holst
To be sure try running the memory with the 3/4 devider (set the ram speed to 100mhz) in Dram timings.
i'd try to see how far the procesor could oc without worrying about the memory's limitations.

you might take the PSU into consideration. my 8KHA+ likes the 3.3v and 5v rails. sometimes the 3.3v dips down to 2.75v and the 5v rail dips to 4.5v on my Enermax on full process.


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