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More Core

howdy all

Just a little update. I got me ma a new PC with dual core. I have today set up both of these cores to fold at 100%. The PC is on around 10hrs a day, so should add a bit

I also FINALLY got my hands on the parts for my upgrade, but waiting on the PSU (which should arrive tomorrow), then I can add another dual core machine to the cause.

The above 2 paragraphs do me that I am laying to rest at least 1 older proc which has been folding with me since the start. The one in my machine will be getting taken off line for a while, if not permanently, unless I can rig it up some other way, on a block of wood or something.

Long and short of it is that I will be losing 2 procs, but gaining 4. I may be able to add another 2, a 1.3GHz AMD and a 2GHz AMD, will just need to see how it all pans out though

So (if my PSU arrives tomorrow) I should have 5 cores folding for me, running for around 22hrs a day in total (far longer at the weekends).

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