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Go for cooling your cpu, then gpu's unless you have a hot running north bridge i wouldnt bother water cooling it, same for the ram. You will need to keep some airflow in the case as things like voltage regulation circuits will overheat, and the psu will suffer as well. The more you add to the loop the bigger the pump and radiator you'll need.
If your room is on the warm side go for at least a double 120mm rad if not two of them. or even a tripple 120mm rad.

Eg, in the following loop

Res -> pump -> cpu -> rad1 -> gpu's -> rad2 -> back to res

This was both the cpu and gpu's will have the cool incoming water. (Although cpu will run slightly cooler in the following arangement,
res -> pump -> cpu -> gpu's -> rad1 -> rad2 -> res,
the gpu's will run hotter. This is because the input water to the first rad will be hotter and thus more heat will flow due to the higher temperature difference)

its worth nothing that 2x double 120mm rads are cheap than 1x quad 120mm rad.

I use the thermaltake bigwater series kit, its cheap, cheerfull and has done me well and its currently keeping my quad core cpu, and x1900 nice and cool
ASUS P5W DH (i975X) - Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz) Currently 3GHz under water hit 3.3GHz so far - 2x 1GB OCZ PC6400's - 2x Seagate 7200.10 320GB's - Sapphire Radeon x1900xt now water cooled
AOA Team fah

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