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I'd say your current system is great and indeed when X-mas comes you'll have a better idea of the market.

Somewhere in November we can also expect a price and technology battle from Nvidia and AMD with brand new graphic cards. Both seem to be on par technology and performance wise.

By that time availability and overclockability of both Barcelona and Penryn will also be more clear. With current generation of chips it's quite the important factor in a choice as they've never been more overclocking friendly.

In the performance department concerning memory sizes that's pretty easy. 4gb vs 2gb of system memory won't yield you anything at this point. It might even perform worse with more memory due to the longer address lenghts and looser memory timings.
No way should you look at DDR3 at this time. Performance vs DDR2 is worse due to higher latency timings and it's more expensive.

And of course when buying a new CPU you should not buy anything with less than 4 cores.
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