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Everything I'm finding says it uses the extra 40 wires to add grounding. Here's a ton of info on it.

However, the second link does agree with me about transmitting on both the rising and falling edge of the clock cycle, just like DDR memory does.

And that's not the only webpage I consulted about the issue. I have about 7 browser windows open about EIDE cables. I just felt that the pages were some of the best and most technically written, so it was the one I chose to use.

My only problem is, adding wires to prevent noise flies in the face of all wiring logic I have ever heard. I've worked with our engineers, some with upwards to 30 years on our systems, including time as field techs, which includes having to deal with wiring. I would think that adding more insulation, and not wiring would help with preventing crosstalk.

I now have a crusade. Excuse me while I obsess. Anyone who wants to help my is welcome aboard my Crazy Train.
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