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Unhappy 8k5a2+ CPU Upgrade problem

Mobo: Epox 8k5a2+ Newest official bios (2003) Will support up to XP2800+
Purchased XP2400+ ( AXDA2400DKV3C) It wouldn't boot.
I assumed the last CPU was bad because 1 pin was missing on a corner that wasn't a reference corner. RMA'd it back.
New CPU does the samething as the last.
On power up,CPU fan starts-post code goes to C1 (which I have no reference in my book) and then mobo speaker starts to beeb and CPU fan shuts down. Beeping continues for a few seconds even after all power is shut off.
1200 put back in and it boots right back up.
Any ideas would be helpful.
Yes cmos was cleared
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