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Is it your browsers Fault or The web server/application?

Cenzic Browser Security Report For Q4 of 2007

Executive Summary
2007 was certainly an eventful year. And, not just for election primaries. In 2007, we saw a number of creative and lethal attacks - not just in election debates. Web site hacking continued to gain momentum as hackers had a field day exploiting vulnerabilities across all geographies and across different types of Web applications. From SQL Injection Robot to a Russian Malware gang attacking a government site to exploitation of various Google vulnerabilities to various universities – attacks continue. Financial gains continue to be the primary goal but we also saw attacks to steal intellectual property, student records, and in a few cases to deface Web sites. The total number of vulnerabilities stabilized but Web application related vulnerabilities continue to hover around 70 percent of total vulnerabilities. The “bad guys” go where the vulnerabilities are and Web applications are certainly appealing and inviting to these constituents.

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