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Coolermaster 600W psu

hey guys.

Can a stressed PSU cause bad overclocking and bsod`s?
My Coolermaster 600Watt Igreen psu seems to be undervolting,but its only about 5-6 months old.
The 12v rail is always at 11.89 v at idle and drops to 11.84 under load.
The 5v is also at 4.89 and under load down to 4.82,and the 5v+ the same.
Is this cause for concern.
My overclock that was rock solid a few months ago has suddenly become increasing unstable.
I have even tried manually setting the voltages in bios,but no joy.
I had my cpu at 3.2 gigs before with a 355FSB,now I cant do much more than 300FSB.
Is something else failing perhaps that Im not aware of.
Specs as follows:
Asus P5N32E-sli
C2D E6600 at 3gigs
2x Kingston ddr800 Hyper X(2gigs)
Asus GTS 8800 320M
2x Seagate 250gigs Sata2
Zalman 9700led cpu cooler
2x120mm Zalman System fans
1x240mm Sidefan
Creative Audigy 4 s/card
Logitech Momo wheel
MS kb and mouse
Logitech Z5300 speakers
Liteon sata dvd writer

Im using Everest 4.20 to test the loads on psu rails.
Any suggestions welcome.
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