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Originally Posted by ThunderRd View Post
@Ron: you must install under your windows admin credentials; that means that you MUST have a password to log into windows. If you don't have a password, go to user accounts and create one for the admin account. Then, uninstall everything you have done and start again, following the procedure I gave you again.

When the client configuration asks you for a credential store password, make it blank. But when MPI later asks you to enter your username/password twice, hit return for username, and then enter your logon password.

There is no way around this. The client WILL NOT RUN without a windows logon password.
TR, got that. I believe it was the uninstall part that I missed. will clean that one up later today. already have a 1900+ pointer/750 ppd on #1.

Adak, yes, taskbar! FAHmon works for monitoring the client, and will be happy to keep an eye on things for a while before running as a service.

thanks for all the help. not only will I get more points, the team and F@H will benefit.

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