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ok, as I said I put this card into my folding rig and played a bit with the gpu2 nv client

the system:

5000+ X2 Black Edition
Abit AN-M2HD
2GB DDR2-800 Cl5
Zotac 8800GT AMP/driver: 177.35 with modded .inf

The GPU2 client loads a whole CPU core, but it seems to be independent from CPU speed. I clocked the CPU up to 3.2GHz and down to 1GHz, both shows nearly the same time per %

3.2GHz 17sec per %
1GHz 17.5sec per %

I decided to downclock and undervolt the processor. A SMP client at the same time cuts the ppd coming from the GPU2 client too much and needs more power

I've got p5001 and p5002 till now, each of them is only worth 98 points, but nearly 50 units a day leads to 4700 ppd and more
Lets see how this theory works in practice. You can follow my stats at eoc, the one GPU2 client is the only one that folds for me.

@ccperf721p: What time per % do you get? Is it a old 8800GTS with 320/640MB or a new 512MB?
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