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1 in 1000...
The prior post basically was spam from someone that never posted back on the forum again & only had 2 posts in total & both posts were "Know about the signs on DVD discs"
I was just tired of seeing it everyday as I scanned the forums looking to see if there was any new posts.
Yea, I have no life.

One cool bit of code though is in CrystalCPUID & is the MSR Editor. "Processor's power management model-specific registers (MSRs)" (Figured while I was here...LOL)
With this you can change these register settings from within the Windows OS & change some CPU settings...hehe!

Like enable/disable C1E & unlock a locked multiplier on a mobo. (Mine is locked normally unless I use a Extreme Processor)
I tried it out on my mobo & it works, but the bios resets everything back to where it was on the next reboot.
MSR Editor is part of CrystalCPUID & does this along with Multiplier Management.

It's not very practical though but fun to fool around with when you feel like being a "Mad Scientist".
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