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Question R300 specs

0.15 micron
350MHz Core
8 rendering pipelines
4 textures processed per pipeline ( 2 for RV300 )
800MHz DDR (12.6 GB/sec)
2 TruForm Engine
DirectX 9 (PixelShader 2.0)
HyperZ 3
Pixel fillrate 2.8M
Texel fillrate 8.4M

This is posted today at seems as if we are in for a

ATi Radeon 10K, the new name of R300
Posted by overclocker at 13:28

According to, ATI's R300 graphics chip is likely to be named as Radeon 10000.

The chipset will have 8 pipelines and 4 texture units per pipe, more than Radeon8500 and GF4 Ti. Two pixel + two vertex shaders with GF4 Ti only has one pixel shader + two vertex.

The first revision will be ready end of next month. It should be announced in September, perhaps at the Autumn Equinox, for reasons known best to the marchitectural labs in Canada.

This presentation of this Radeon 10 000 chip will take place just after Microsoft introduces its DirextX 9.1 that this card is about to apparently support.

The card is meant to compete with the NV30 chip not the Geforce 4 TI, and we're still probing what is going to be revolutionary in NV30.
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