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O2's Bluebook

Those who are using O2 as a mobile/cell service provider in the UK (and possibly other countries?) might know about O2's Bluebook. If not, then it's basically a method to backup contacts and text messages. Text messages are mirrored into Bluebook as they're received, so they appear in the system pretty much instantly.

However, the synchronisation of contact details is done via SyncML, which is a standard designed to make it possible to synchronise details with another server. O2 already support a number of mobile phones, but not every model appears in their list. I happen to be someone with a phone that supports SyncML, but my model (P990i) is not listed.

Having spent some time working on getting the contact sync to work, I thought I'd provide some details in the hope it would aid someone else. You'll need to have signed up for Bluebook before you set your phone up. You'll also need to know your user name and password.

For the P990, you'll need to open Remote Sync (Menu -> Tools -> Remote Sync). You'll also need to set up a new profile (Menu -> New Profile) in Remote Sync.

Under the details tab:
Profile Name: O2 Contacts
Server Address:
Username: <Whatever username you signed up with>
Password: <Whatever password you signed up with>

Transport Protocol: HTTP
Internet Account: <Whatever gets you access to WAP/GPRS/3G>
Tick "Use transport login"
Username: <Whatever username you signed up with>
Password: <Whatever password you signed up with>

It should like the following:
Click image for larger version

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Under the Settings Tab: (These are less important)
Server Initiated Start: Confirmation
Show: Result

It should look like the following:
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Once the profile is set up, we can configure the few settings for synchronising the Contacts database. You'll need to tap the contacts icon, which will open up the "Sync task" dialog.

Sync type: Synchronize
Task name: Contacts
Server database: ./pab

After that, it should like like this:
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