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The sales pitch we always make, particularly to larger companies and government is this:

You have three options, proprietary, open, or custom:

You can't afford building something from the ground up.

You can afford a proprietary option, however it may not exactly be what you want, and will cost a fair bit.

You can afford an open source solution, tailored for your needs. In other words, we start with a pre-existing framework, and customize it to suit your needs. The result is less cost than either of the former due to the use of an existing framework, a solution that is customized to suit your needs, but without the cost associated. In other words the best of both worlds.

The other big thing is that as all our code (complex web applications) is open source based, and uses established standards, if the client wants to change companies, they can do so. If you buy proprietary, you're locked in for life. If you get a custom solution, NOBODY wants to support it. Often even the company that MADE it doesn't want to support it after the coder that headed the project has left the company (I'm sure Gizmo is familiar with this situation, and god knows I've done certain kinky server environments and thought afterwards, "god help me if I'm expected to maintain this"), and other companys will not touch a custom web application written by someone else with a 10 foot clown pole.

With people concerned about being tied down to specific vendors more than ever before due to the economic situation, FOSS is a really easy selling point.
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