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I felt like this article was pretty good, it hit on a lot of my issues with Linux Development as a whole.

The driver issues (including video drivers) have a lot to do with the constantly changing kernel interfaces and differing package management systems. I've had to develop drivers for custom hardware and with every new kernel I had to make changes, and in extreme cases rewrite sections of code. The Kernel changes and distribution differences make it such a pita to develop Linux drivers, that companies have to expend far more resources than should be necessary.

When you complain about video drivers, remember that in Windows developers write for a kernel that changes every 3-5 years. Linux driver developers have to deal with a kernel that is constantly changing, and new point releases come out almost every month. Instead of expending energy to fix issues, they spend time just making sure their driver works with every kernel and distro.

Package management and the KDE/GNOME split also hurt 3rd Party Software development. KDE/GNOME developers need to agree on a common backend implementation for GUIs, allowing better integration between QT and GTK+ applications.

At the very least the Debian/Ubuntu and RedHat people need to agree on a common filesystem layout for configuration files and a better way for rpms and deb packages to play together.

I do wish there were more games for Linux, but considering Linux's tiny marketshare, I doubt Linux ports are financially appealing. I do think that companies should work with Wine developers to make running their windows games easier.
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