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Well QT and GTK+ seem to be playing better together, at least superficially. Projects like this: QGtkStyle makes KDE apps fit in with GNOME are steps in the right direction.

The project seemed promising when it was introduced, but it doesn't seem like its going anywhere. Any fundemental unification of the underlying QT/GTK frameworks is doubtful, and would have to come from the Xorg side imho.

RedHAT won't change their package management and file system layout since there is too much monetary investment in it, and the "non-enterprise" Linux vendors (Debian, Gentoo, etc.) have too much idealogical investment. The only hope is some sort of virtualization of package management or a unified package translator that actually works well. The other hope is that a single vendor becomes dominant, forcing software developers to at least have 100% support for that (this is why I root for Ubuntu).
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