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another example of the battle between good and evil. Hacking has a long history. one that actually precedes the technological era that it is named for. it took the computer age to define hacking and in the beginning, it was more good than bad.
my father was a slide-rule engineer and an electronics nut who spent 26 years in the Armed Forces. 4 in the US Navy during WWII, 22 in the US Air Force. during his carrier as a Flight Engineer, he participated in the progress from tube radio and filament bulbs to on board computers and led lit panels. when something needed fixing in-flight, he 'hacked' into the panel, found the problem and made it work.
one of my experiences with 'hacking' was putting an 11MHz crystal in an IBM 8088. I guess that I may have a more innocent view of hackings early years and a friendlier view of it before "Bill". I blame Bill for letting the evil hacking genie out of the box. someone took Bill's toy and was having fun with it. the problem according to Bill was that they didn't pay for it so they couldn't play with it. keep up the good work Bill, you may find a cure in your lifetime.

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