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Our latest ploy:

Thank you for immediate reply.

Several weeks ago we discussed by phone the models now available. We asked about upgrading to 160 gig HD (would have paid the difference). We were not made aware that the 80 gig model is actually a huge downgrade.

We're simply looking to be made reasonably whole here in accordance with our Service Contract on the equipment we purchased and maintain the features we paid for. Sony's 160 gig machine is a much closer match in value, Sony considers that to be too big an upgrade??

So now we have an new but inferior Playstation, and the old one with replacement parts unavailable? Just want one machine...the right one. We are willing to pay the difference between our original purchase price of equipment and the current NewEgg price, for delivery of the 160 gig model.

We appreciate your working with us to bring this matter to a quick and satisfactory conclusion, James!

Best regards,
Daniel and Patti Edgar

We have also offered to take our money back and send them both machines... We'll see...?
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