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a quick look at my settings : card is factory oc @ 660mHZ, mem @ stock 950mHz and shaders @ default 1738mHZ, temp of 67c. nans on 7 consecutive 5771's, completed #8, chocked on the next 3 then got a 5754 that got nans @ 49%. all of this on Sunday. no issues today.
a visit to the Folding Community points to many projects in the 57xx to 5772 range with nans issues. the list covers all nVidia cards on all chipsets and processors, ie: intel, AMD and SiS.
I have completed many 5750's and 5771's on 4 other nVidia cards, 2- 9800GT, 1- 9600GT and 1-9600GSO with no issues. I will add my details to the FC database: AMD AM2 5000 BE @ 3.0mHZ, 200X15, Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3, 2gb G-Skill DDR2-800, 2.0V, Enermax Liberty 450W psu all in a Koolance 601B (Chieftech Server Case).

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AOA Team fah

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