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Disappointing Quad Core Performance

my recent purchase of the 9600 Agena had been putting out some good folding numbers. I liked it enough to get another one. now I have 2 dual core cpu's just killing the 2 quads in folding.
was it;
A: a bad choice of quad core cpu's?
B: a bad install of FAH?
C: a need to reconfigure the client, or
D: delete and reinstall FAH?
I just updated the bios then pulled the duals out and plugged the quads in. starting the client shows 4 cores detected. and task mgr shows 4 cores (FahCore_a1.exe) @ 25% for the quads. 1 FahCore_a1.exe @ 34%, 1 @ 28%, 1 @ 22% and the last @ 16% for one of the duals'. the % for the other dual core are in the same range and the are dynamic. the quads are clocked @ 2.4 and the duals' are @ 3.0 if that makes a difference.
the 9600,s are getting a workout here before moving along and @ $85 a bargain for their new owners. I just have my doubts about them for folding.

Folding 24/7 with AMD QuadCore CPU's & nVidia Cuda Powered GPU's

AOA Team fah

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