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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
Which NF7? The original or the NF7-SV2? The original was a great board, but from what I've heard, the V2 was basically junk from an overclocker's perspective.

The first NF7, though, could be a bit temperamental with memory, particularly the larger varieties. I had to buy some high-end Corsair memory to get to 200 MHz speeds with a pair 512M sticks, and I can't get mine to run over about 170 MHz for love nor money with the 1GB sticks I have now. What I'm saying is that it very well COULD be your RAM.

The two-tone siren that you are hearing is the motherboard telling you that something is jacked with your timings. What are your current memory timings?
there were three versions of the NF-7 that included the NF-7 SV2 and an NF-7-v2. there is a difference! the SV2 is pure crap for anything but out of the box stock settings.
I happen to have 2 of the NF-7-v2 and they overclock nicely. they are 400MHz fsb and DDR 400, 8X AGP, 2XSATA Raid plus the usual cast of extras. they need quality psu's and memory (I use Corsair XMS 2x256 or 2x512). mem timings are part of the key to oc this cpu/board combo and I have had no truble setting the fsb to 200MHz, multi to starting @ 10 with any of the 2400, 2500, 2600 Barton core cpu's. the a little voltage, 2.9V on the mem and as much as +.25V (+.5V on H2o).
I did have a Thorton core that didn't like any fsb over 170 but it was a 133MHz cpu. the v2 does oc, just not as good as the first NF-7

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