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Originally Posted by Daniel ~ View Post
Naturally I just gotta hope he is wrong...":O}

One thing I've noticed that is usually over looked in theses predictions.... The future! ":O}

(And...Linux is free, MS is...well MS and prone to error...":O}

I'm interested in the thoughts of others on this...?
As you already know, I love linux and what it stands for, but... As I sat here the other day at a very high powered rig running linux, I realized that I can actually do more with my friggin cell phone than I can with a modern linux distribution. Linux to me is the same as it was 10 years ago. It still handles all the same chores it did back then, but that's about it. At least I can have fun with wobbly windows and a stupid cube....

I can understand the point of using linux because it is "Free". You also have to understand that it is not free to go to school, learn to write code, develop applications and distribute linux. Open source is great in theory, unfortunately it is a terrible business model... Reducing people to asking for donations and selling support rather than paying them for the time and effort to write the code.

When faced with the choice of having to pay $200 for an OS that will run the $4000 worth of software I have, or getting a free OS that will not run any of my programs, I find it to be well worth the $200, regardless of who it goes to..
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